Reawakening Litarature

Jane Campion

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“I only wish Real Reads had existed when I was at school so that I knew what happened in the last two-thirds of Jane Eyre!” Lauren Nightingale, Scholastic Education

Accessing and sharing important works of literature is often a daunting experience. Jane Campion’s practical guide is designed to support teachers and parents in maximising children’s reading experience. It identifies a range of opportunities for developing reading skills, and for talking about books. It also suggests ways of developing readers’ appreciation and understanding of the cultural and social contexts of the classics of world literature.

The guide is divided into five sections

plot and structure


themes and ideas


Activities are designed to encourage engagement, strengthen comprehension, and to support the development of more complex skills such as inferential reading. For each activity there is an explanation of the activity with a worked example using one of the Genç Kaknüs texts of classic literature retellings, together with suggestions about how the activity can be extended for the more able.


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