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Life Skills Coaching is a professional field which has been increased fast. People are looking for ways that can be easily adoptable to the life, more practical and a short cut in their rapid life. In that respect enlightened coaches are providing job for individuals, practical changes in personal and social life.

Today athletes who are racing in Olympics have personal life coaches. Famous film stars, well-known artists, general managers, company owners, reach and successful people have also life coaches.

These people who are guiding the others are modern murshids (guides) of the modern century.

Since we are thinking according to the western method of thinking, since we are looking for things that we lost, we have to re-consider our choices for the sake of contribution to the peace and to systematize our own values. Let's leave the words to Mawlana Jalaleddin Rumi after the brief introduction 

"You went away by yourself from God, have you found a way? Come to the way, do not get lost like a stupid."

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