Rumi and Christ

Sublimity of Rumi's Love

Erkan Türkmen

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Rumi's love is above all feelings, forms and fears. It is universal and, therefore, it teaches us to love every creation because of the Creator. It doesn't matter if you are a Christian or Muslim but if you love God truly and his creations, you are above all religions and faiths.

Common people recite the Holy names of God, but this has no effect since they foster no love for Him. Whatever Christ did in the name of God was resulted (born) by the Power of His name. When the spirit joins God, to speak of that spirit, is to speak of God; and to speak of God is to speak of the spirit (they become one and the same). -Mesnevi V / 4039-4041- Rumi

The book gives almost all important verses or words Rumi said about Jesus and a remarkable idea about how the Muslims and Christians got mixed up in Anatolia at the time of the Seljukian Empire after the wars between the Crusaders and Muslims had ended. Rumi has chosen Christ on purpose because he was a good example of perseverance, tolerance and sobriety. Prof. Dr. Erkan Türkmen

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