Salman Rushdie A Memoir

Joseph Anton

Kitap Açıklaması

In 1989, the Ayatollah Khomeini declared a fatwa on Salman Rushdie, accusing him of being "against Islam, the Prophet and the Qur'an" for writing a novel called The Satanic Verses. Forced underground, Rushdie was asked to choose an alias for security purposes. He thought of combining the names of various writers he loved. Then it came to him: Conrad and Chekhov - Joseph Anton. This is an extraordinary, provocative, and exceptionally cadid memoir that personalizes and brings to life one of the most crucial battles of our time: for freedom of speech.

"Thoughtful and astute.. an important book."
- Usa Today

"Compelling, affecting... (Rushdie) reacted with great bravery and even heroism.'
- The Wall Street Journal

"Gripping, moving and entertaining... Nothing like it has ever been written."
- The Independent (UK)

"A thriller, an epic, a political essay, a love story, an ode to liberty."
- Le Point (France)

"Action-packed.. Like Isherwodd'S, Rushdie's eye is a camera lens - firmly placed in one perspective and never out of focus."
- Los Angeles Review of Books

"Unflinchingly honest... an egrossing, exciting, revealing and often shocking book."
- De Volksrant (The Netherlands)

"One of the best memoirs you may ever read."
- Dna (India)

- The Boston Globe

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