Smart English Starter - Student Book

The Smart Way to Learn English

İan Bosiak, Soo Kim, Sophia Yu

Kitap Açıklaması

Smart English is a fun and easy English course expertly designed for elementary school students. The innovative seven-level series is packed full of exciting features to help students learn in a communicative way. English is introduced in the most natural settings possible, and students are motivated to practice the language day after day.

The accompanying components provide teachers with a wealth of additional material to maximize student participation and enjoyment in the classroom. It also lays solid foundations for further language learning once it has been completed.

Key Features
Easy to follow lessons
Useful dialogs featuring interesting characters
Colorful illustrations and real photos
Engaging chants and songs
Fun comics featuring animal characters
Cumulative reviews
Progress checks
Student Book (Starter~6) Including Audio CDs and Flashcards for Students
Workbook (Starter~6)
Teacher's Manual (Starter~6) Including Resource CD for Teachers
Smart English Online
Learning Content Management System
Interactive e-book for Classroom Use
Additional Practice Activities


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