Speaking Tutor 2B + CD (Building Oral Summaries)

Zoe Smith

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Speaking Tutor is a three-level series designed for high-beginner to intermediate level students. The content of Speaking Tutor covers a wide range of content-based topics and language material over twelve units per level.

Speaking Tutor is designed to encourage the student to move from individualized self-study to cooperative pair- and group-work interaction. Continued emphasis on presentations of increasing complexity helps the students gain confidence in speaking and provides valuable preparation for academic speaking situations that students are going to face at school and college. Speaking Tutor is perfectly placed to meet the requirements of English-only speaking environments.

Full-color illustrations and photographs
Clear, easy-to-use instructions for every task
Speaking-oriented activities on a variety of contemporary issues
Modeled examples providing maximum support in promoting independent
English fluency
Downloadable audio recordings, answer keys, and teaching tips

Unit Structure

Presentation & Practice

- Exposure to key words
- First dialogue: introduction and practice

Extension & Detail

- Highlighting grammar/ a key language structure with practice

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