Special Education Programs

At Kindergarten Thru Twelfth Grade Educational Institutions

Volkan Çiçek

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This book was written and published as a textbook for related courses and as a reference book for anyone dealing with special education programs. Featured special education programs are special education (SPED) program for students with disabilities, English as a Second Language (ESL) and Bilingual education program for students whose native tongue is not English, Gifted and Talented (GT) program for gifted and talented students, character education program, section 504 program, which is a program for students with usually milder disabilities that do not qualify for the SPED program and response to intervention (Rtl) program, which is a general approach applied to any special group of students that has an educational need to be addressed distinguishing them from other students.

Special education programs, which are basically individualized education programs specifıcally designed for targeted students, have recently started to receive the rightful attention that it should have received previously. This occurred due to many recent researches and practices in different countries around the world revealed the effectiveness of implementation of such special education programs dealing with specifıc student groups. I hope that educational scientists, policy makers, educational managers, teachers, students and ali whom are interested in special education programs benefit from this book.

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