Subject Link Starter L2 with Workbook +MultiROM

Amy Gradin

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Subject Link Starter is a three-level curriculum integration reading program for high beginner students. As a preparatory series for the nine-level Subject Link program, Subject Link Starter furnishes students with a solid foundation in reading comprehension.

The series' theme-based curriculum helps students to improve their language abilities and also acquire new knowledge from the interesting content presented in each of the passages. With multiple lessons for each theme, Subject Link Starter allows students to develop a greater understanding of the curriculum and broaden the context of their learning beyond single subject areas.

Creating relevant connections between different subject areas, Subject Link Starter encourages students to build upon their prior knowledge and experiences to make learning more meaningful and to also gain a more holistic view of the world.

Key Features:

Thematic curriculum integration reading program

Informative background knowledge sections

Interesting content and useful academic vocabulary

Well-designed comprehension and critical thinking questions

Systematic two-step outline and summary activities

Attractive visual aids to engage students and facilitate their learning

Wrap-up activities with concept maps and theme project worksheets

Workbook for more vocabulary, grammar, and reading practice

Lively, engaging MultiROM


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