Sufi Meditation

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Kitap Açıklaması

Hazrat Inayat Khan travelled from India to the West in 1910. He was a professor at the Music School Gayanshala in Baroda/Gujarat; at the same time he was the first Sufi Master who taught Sufism in the USA and Europe. He did not deny the secular and materialist world as he taught Sufism and his explanations on the metaphysic, philosophical and mystical subjects appealed to the western people. Without rejecting the western world, he presented a new spiritual dimension to the people with whom he came into contact. He stayed in the USA and in Europe from 1910 until 1926 and gave several lectures about Sufism and his methodology. Inayat Khan's lectures were held in english. The editor of this book selected the meditation texts of his lectures and brought them together in order to provide an answer to questions such as How is meditation regarded in Sufism?, Why and how do the Sufis meditate?... On the one hand Inayat Khan's explanations about Sufi-Meditation are well known in several Sufi literature but on the other hand it has some unique features that are to be found nowhere else because these explanations hold such clarity and analytical form, yet loosing nothing from its warmth.

Editor: Aftab Talat Kamran was born in Konya, Turkey. He holds a German citizenship. His parents have close ties with the typical traditions of Istanbul. He studied Political Science, History and Sociology in Mannheim, Germany. He currently works as the Director of Mannheim Institute for Integration and Interreligious Dialogue since 1996.


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