Supply Chain Network Design

Applying Optimization and Analytics to the Global Supply Chain

Michael Watson, Sara Lewis, Peter Cacioppi, Jay Jayaraman

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“This book takes a very technical subject and makes it possible for managers and students alike to understand all aspects of network design. The practical approach used in discussing topics throughout the book provides a clear and excellent framework for those seeking to learn more about the topic.”

- Dr. Mary C. Holcomb, Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, University of Tennessee

“Supply chain management (SCM) is a rapidly growing area of study—and network design is one of the fastest growing areas within SCM. I have been a long-time practitioner of network modeling, as a manager in business and as a consultant, and I have covered the topic in university lectures. I still learned a great deal about a subject I thought I knew thoroughly!”

- Bill Nickle, Principal, Nickle Consulting

“…the authors draw on their extensive expertise as practitioners to provide valuable insights into how to successfully execute a network design study.”

- Dr. Mike Hewitt, Kate Gleason College of Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology

“Supply Chain Network Design will help students, academics, and practitioners alike understand the importance of successfully designing and optimizing a global supply chain network, while also explaining in easy-to-understand steps how to make it happen.”

- John A. Caltagirone, Quinlan School of Business, Loyola University

This book provides a complete foundation for building tomorrow’s most complex global supply chain models and using them to reduce costs and support business strategy. Drawing on their experience building and optimizing hundreds of supply chains, the authors thoroughly introduce each key concept and its modern scientific foundations and demonstrate its use through realistic case studies.

The authors offer specific solutions for a wide range of common challenges, including efficiently expanding a warehouse/plant network, managing the subtle interactions between capacity and service levels, and leveraging differences in cost and mode between inbound and outbound transportation. They also guide you in nuts-and-bolts planning and data collection and answering real-world questions such as: How do you build an effective supply chain modeling team? How do you quantify capacity? How accurate does your data need to be? How do you debug models and avoid common mistakes?

Using their techniques, many supply chain practitioners have reduced their costs by 5-15%—translating into tens of millions of dollars of savings. You can achieve comparable results—and this book is the place to start.

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