Taking the TOEIC 2 Intermediate Level + MP3 CD

Nancie McKinnon

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Taking the TOEIC 2: Skills and Strategies is designed for intermediate students of English who need to refine their skills in preparation for the TOEIC Listening and Reading test. The book is divided into sections dealing with the areas tested in the TOEIC: listening, grammar, and reading. Each grammar unit in Chapter 2 deals with different grammar points that most commonly appear in the actual TOEIC test and provides grammar and vocabulary exercises based on the specific points dealt with in each unit. The mini-tests in each chapter of the book follow the same style and format as the actual TOEIC test. Taking the TOEIC 2: Skills and Strategies aims to familiarize students with each part of the TOEIC test and the types of questions they can expect to encounter, using language that is easy to understand. The final chapter of the book is a full-length practice test, giving students the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned in the previous chapters.

General information about the TOEIC
Tips for taking each section of the test
Clear and precise grammar explanations
Mini practice tests in each section
Focused practice of TOEIC test question types
Transcripts for all listening questions
MP3 recordings of all listening sections
Full-length practice tests
Answer keys for all practice tests, including expanded explanations for part 5 Incomplete Sentences & Part 6 Text Completion sections


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