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The Best Way is a three-level reading series designed for intermediate to high-intermediate learners who wish to develop their critical thinking and comprehension skills.

This highly engaging, exciting series contains a balance of fiction and nonfiction texts which help students develop the reading comprehension skills needed to gain information in various topics while reading passages for fun.

Above all, The Best Way is specially designed to introduce the critical thinking abilities that students will need to compete in today’s fast-changing, information-based global society.

Key Features
• Reading skills practice to give students the confidence to transfer abilities and strategies to other reading situations
• Focus on critical thinking skills to foster independent thinking and develop analytical skills
• Interesting content to capture students’ imaginations and stimulate their creative and critical thought processes
• Captivating illustrations to help students feel involved in the passage
• Graphic organizers to promote the development of systematic comprehension and thinking skills

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ISBN: 9791125311218
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