The Compass : Route to Academic English 2

Elif Şeşen, Gökçe Tokdemir, Gonca Gülen, Meriç Gülcü

Kitap Açıklaması

The Compass: Route to Academic English 2 adopts a constructivist and learner-centred instruction by integrating the four skills- reading, writing, listening, and speaking- using a thematic approach.

All the texts and tasks in the book revolve around one main theme: Power. THE COMPASS: Route to Academic English 2 looks at the theme of "power" from different views and each unit dwells on one specific aspect of the concept, starting with the concept of "Power and the Individual" and gradually moving towards a broader topic: "Power and the Rich".

Key Features:

  • Designed for tertiary-level learners
  • Develops four skills in language
  • İntroduces the conventions of academic discourse
  • Teaches basics of research skills for academic writing
  • Teaches fundamentals of APA reference rules for documentation
  • Provides varied samples and exercises on summarizing, paraphrasing, using direct quotations and synthesizing
  • Teaches argumentative and reaction response essay writing
  • Accompanied with clear models of documented argumentative and reaction response essays
  • Encourages students to be better writers and speakers
  • Enhances cognitive skills
  • Facilitates higher order thinking skills
  • Helps learners analyse, synthesize and evaluate ideas
  • Provides a variety of speaking tasks to develop confidence
  • Provides a variety of writing tasks to develop a mature writing style
  • Addresses students' affective domain with the contemporary and controversial issues
  • Presents different language skills
  • Recycles the skills covered

Navigating the rough patches in the academic landscape is a tough experience...All you need to survive is... " The Compass"!

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