The Compass: Setting Sail for Successful Careers

Çiğdem Mekik, Meltem İzgören

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The Compass: Setting Sail for Successful Careers is a course book aiming to equip prospective university graduates with the knowledge and skills they need on the path to their future careers.

The book consists of four units, each building upon each other to develop students' self-awareness and career readiness. Concepts, language/terminology and skills concerning the job search, graduate school applications and preliminary on-the-job performance are presented through a constructivist and learner-centered approach.

All tasks in the book are designed to prepare students to seize the career opportunities most suited to them by facilitating knowledge construction starting with self-discovery through reflection on their personality, skills, values and interests followed by making applications, preparing for interviews and practicing vital skills for work life such as socializing, telephoning and meeting skills.

Key features:

  • is designed for tertiary-level learners
  • provides the necessary background and information on the basic concepts and skills for work life
  • presents clear, user-friendly explanations and samples for writing CVs, cover letters, application forms and statements of purpose/letters of intent
  • provides a variety of tasks to help learners prepare for interviews
  • promotes active learner involvement in the making of meaning and knowledge
    seeks to create progress in learners' skills with a range of activities moving from controlled to free practice
  • offers ample language and vocabulary practice and listening materials for self-study
  • recycles job related vocabulary and language
  • develops all four language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking
  • encourages fluency and spontaneous language production through role play activities
  • offers instructors a broad range of suggestions for planning and implementing activities to achieve course objectives

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