The Gezi Park Protests

A Political, Sociological, and Discursive Analysis

Coşkun Taştan, Hatem Ete

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There have been many things written anda discussed about the protests that started at the Gezi Park and shortly spread around the country with the high range of participants. Different segments of the society have made different interpretations about what these demonstrations "mean" exactly, who where the protestors, what kind of social, economic and political dynamics were behind these demonstrations, what was the aim of the protestors, and what possible social and political reverberations of the activities would be.

We are going through a period where the old political system with its actors and ideology becomes dysfunctional: it is substituted by a quest for a new political system as all actors in our social and political life are looking for ways to have an active role in the play. The function, nature, and priorities of politics are changing; political identities are transforming and political maps are being redrawn. Furthermore, this change is not limited only to Turkey. Our near region, where Turkey has had contacts with all along and where these contacts with all along and where these contacts have recently transformed into an interaction, is also experiencing a historic and radical change. Governments change hands, regimes are overthrown and re-established.

The Gezi protests taking place in such an atmosphere undoubtedly correspond to a critical momentum of our political history. Motivation, aim and iplications of the demonstrations will continue to have an impact on our political life for a long time; and interpretations about developments will be made by referring to these protests.

This study tries to make an in-depth analysis of one to one detailed interviews helde with the protesters in the second weeks of the demonstrations in four cities (İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Eskişehir), a political assessment of the discourse adopted during and after the protests; analyzes change and sustainability of the discourse and policies of the political parties about the protests; and lastly sheds a ligt on current political implications and possible implications of the Gezi demonstrations.

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