The Self Of Muslim And Its Inner Peace

Hayati Aydın

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First section of the book focuses on the self and related concepts as a Sufi phrases. This study is a comparative analysis between Islam tradition and Western psychology on this issue.  We selected this subject for this reason, to make a good comparison between the Qur'anic verses and scientific knowledge. Because, in the Qur'an explaining that the truth of Self does not run counter to the evidence of science at all, this shows us that Qur'an can be a guide to science and enlighten pioneer scientists about the recognition of Nafs and its mysteries. The second part of the book focues on the effect of faith and Islamic virtues on the inner peace of the believers and by this way to show the majesty of Islamic fatih and rituals in the spiritual happiness of man. Believing, worshipping and spending in charity are the core os Islam as well as the basis of spiritual presence. In the Holy Qur'an, it is explained that man who realises those three elements are those who believe and behave conscientiously. For this reason, in the Qur'an world when Islamic virtues and rituals are carried out, the spiritual context of soul calms down and gets peace. Faith gives internal presence to man, and worshipping gets man closer to the divine existence and giving in charity leads to harmony between man and environment and makes him follow the co-operative law of the cosmos.

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