The Sound of Things Falling: A Novel

Juan Gabriel Vasquez

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"Jua Gabriel Vasquez is a considerable writer. The Sound of Things Falling is an artful, ruminative mystery... And the reader comes away haunted by its strong playing out of an irreversible fate."

-E. L. Doctorow

"A poignant and perturbing tale about the inheritance of fear in a country scrabbling to regain its soul."

-Financial Times

"Compelling, beautifully translated... In this hugely affecting novel, it is the silent suffering that haunts the most... Vasquez holds his tightly crafted narrative together with admirable stylistic control as he shows a world falling apart and the redemptive powers of love and language to rebuild it."

-The Guardin (UK)

"Vasquez brings vividly to life that grey, isolated, landlocked city in the mountains where suspicion and fear ruled the streets for so many years."

-Daily Mail (UK)

"Vasquez creates characters whose memories resonate powerfully across an ingeniously interlocking structure... A compelling literary work-one where an engaging narrative envelops poignant memories of a fraught historical period."

-The New Republic

"Remarkable... (The Informers) is the best work of literary fiction to come my way since 2005."

-Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post

"Juan Gabriel Vasquez is one of the most original new voices of Latin American literature."

-Mario Vargas Llosa

"A potent mixture of history, fiction and literary gamesmanship... (Vasquez's) particular triumph with this novel is to remind us, as Balzac put it, that novels can be 'the private histories of nations."

-Los Angeles Times

"Vasquez has many gifts-intelligence, wit, energy, a deep vein of feeling-but the uses them so naturally that soon anough one forgets one's amazement at his talents, and then the strange, beautiful sorcery of his tale takes hold."

-Nicole Krauss

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