The Story of Sinbad the Sailor - Stage 1

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Arabian Nights

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"The Story of Sinbad the Sailor" is one of the most famous stories from Arabian Nights. This book contains a simplified version of it. The Sailor Sinbad, who wants to earn a lot of money and become a rich man, sets on many journeys. He lands on very different kingdoms and exotic islands. During his seven voyages, he gets through many dangerous adventures and finds the meaning of life at the end.

 Dorlion Readers (Stage 1)

Dorlion Readers is a series of retold and simplified stories which are classifed into 4 stages, each stage consists of 10 story books, in accordance with their degrees of difficulty. The selected stories are chosen among the wold-wide known fairy tales, mythological narratives and short stories of famous authors.
This series provides students and english learners of all ages with reading materials which help them improve their reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. Each book has its own extensive exercises and dictionary.

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