The Torah (Old Testament)

The Power Of Language Divine The Signs, Symbols, And The Wisdom Of

Bahaeddin Sağlam

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This book is about the 9-eoax that never ends, of the believing creationists with the naturalist evolutionist heretics, of the muslims with other peoples of the book, being an apt and forceful, a fully persuasionist semantic analysis of the Old Qospel, namely, Che Corah.

Jts contents have been at dispute the past two millenia and one half and its provides especially the true perspective on the cdliteration Warangue, namely, the possible corruption by Che Jews of the Biblical cext.

We then feel justified in hoping that tt shall provide the flintstone of interreligious dialogue and cooperation. 3 t comes near to being the full expression it the Quranic Enunciation, "Why, the Ğorah is a full account (of God's uncountable mysteries)" (6/ 154).

 All the postulations have been thoroughly substantiated from, verified against authentic, original textual material, namely, the corah (Old Testament).

So, then, this is a full mature venture to discuss the occult and the 'kevealed God.

- Dr. Kazım Önder Yıldırım

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