Turkey In World Politics

Barry Rubin

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Önce characteriaed by an avoidance of foreign entanglements. Turkey's dlplomacy has changed dramatically in the present era of regional agreements and organizations. Tracing the evolution of that change, thls conıprehenslve stujiy explores the country's new International posture. The authors assesss Turkey's policy tovvard Europe, Russla, Central Asla, and the U.S.. as well as Its growlng role wlthin the Mİddle East reglon. They also address in depth the crltical Issues of economic, energy, and water policy. Their dlscussion of the İnterest groups and instltutlons affectlng the policymaking process and the challenges facing the country's rapldly urbanlzlng and industrializmg econorny contribute to the picture of a complex, dynamic nation.Barry Rubin Is director of the Global Research in International Affairs Center and of its Institute for Turklsh Studies. He is editör of the Middie East Revlew of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal and of the Turkish Studies journal. His books include The Transformatlon of Palestlnian Politics: From Revolution to State-Building; Revolutlon Untll Vlctory?: The Politics and History of the PLO; Cauldron of TurmoiL America in the Middie East; Islamic Fundamentalism in Egyptian Politics; Modem Dlctators: Thlrd World Coupmakers, Strongmen, and Popülist Tyrants; The Arab States and the Palestine Conflict; Paved with Good Intentions: The American Experience and han; The Great Powers in the Middie East 1941-1947: The Road to Cold War and istanbul Intrigues. His edited works include The Armed Forces in the Contemporary Middie East and The Israel-Arab Reader.Kemal Kirişçi Is a member of the Department of Political Science and Internalional Relations at Boğaziçi Unlverslty. He wrote The PLO and World Politics and coauthored two books: The Kurdish Questlon and Turkey: An Example of a Trans-State Ethnic Conflict and The Polltica! Economy of Regional Cooperatlon in the Middie East. His many artlclee include "Post Cold-War Turkish Security and the Middie East" and Turkey and the United States: Ambivalent Allies" in the Middie East Review of International Affaü-s.He has also extensively wrltten on refugee and immigratlon issues in Turkey.

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