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The humankind is facing most striking growth, deepest societal disruptions and most interesting renewal. There is no enemy of Islam on the face of Earth, but there are those unfamiliar with it. Those acting like enemies toward Islam harbor animosity towards Muslims, not Islam itself. Perhaps, Muslims are to be blamed for this situation as well. To be sure, Islam and Muslims are not the same concept. Because Islam and the Islamic traditions, conceived by humans over the centuries of history, are not the same thing. Therefore, the book you are holding pays due attention to such sensitive issues. Those who defend Islam are to produce irrefutable proof; those who oppose Islam are to follow suit. No matter what choices the human makes, he is expected to make it conscientiously. One of the goals we are pursuing with this book is helping those who wish to learn more about Islam, because man becomes an enemy of things or concepts he is ignorant of. We ask Allah to grant us a life wherein global peace reigns over

Mustafa İslamoğlu Kitapları

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ISBN: 9786055125547
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