Who Is Responsible For Human Rıghts The State Or Corporations?

Nezir Akyeşilmen

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Transnational business operations actross the globe are common phenomenon and are increasingly more so in the age of globalization. While such operations are considered to be crucial for economic growth and development in the host countries, there are frequent allegations against TNCs violation of human rights, enviromental degradation and so on.

The rights that are affected by TNCs activities vary from the right to self -determination to the right of life; from the right to strike to the right to a healthy environment and from the right of association to the right not t be discriminated against etc.

The central question of this study is about the responsibility of actor(s) in the case of human rights violations.

-What is the impact of the globalization process on the international human rights regime ?

-Who is responsible for such human rights violations : state(s) or transnational corporation s (TNCs)

-Do TNCs need to be held responsible for human rights obligations?

-How do activities of non- state actors affect human rights?

-Should non-state actors be directly responsible for human rights violations?

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