Write Right 3 with Workbook

Patrick Ferraro

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Write Right is a three-level writing series designed for high-beginner to intermediate students.

This series adopts a guided writing approach in which students learn a range of genres such as descriptive writing, narrative writing, instructional writing and letter writing.

In each unit, students will first acquire the key expressions and sentence structures they need to write about the given topic. Then they will learn to organize their writing by using a graphic organizer that helps them structure their ideas with clarity and coherence.

Write Right also takes a process approach in which students will go through several steps to complete their writing such as brainstorming, drafting, writing, editing and publishing.

A step-by-step guided writing approach
Model text to be used as a template to think about each topic
Key expressions and sentence structures related to each topic
Graphic organizers and detailed guidance to help organize the writing
Different writing genres that encourage students to express ideas and facts
Writing projects in various formats: posters, newspapers and scrapbooks


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