Writing Tutor 3B (Essay Writing) + CD

Randy Lewis

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Writing Tutor is a three-level series designed for high-beginner to intermediate level students. The content of Writing Tutor covers a wide range of content-based topics and language material over twelve units per level.

Writing Tutor is designed to encourage the student to move from producing solid sentences to complete essays over the series. Clear guidance is given at every stage to ensure clear output goals. Writing Tutor provides valuable preparation for academic writing situations that students are going to face at school and college. Writing Tutor is perfectly placed to meet the requirements of English-only environments.
Full-color illustrations and photographs
Clear, easy-to-use step-by-step instructions for every task
Extensive writing-oriented activity practice on a variety of genres
Modeled examples providing maximum support in promoting independent writing
Downloadable audio recordings, answer keys, and teaching tips
Unit Structure
Part 1 (Prewriting):
- Get familiar with the topic
- Learn about the essay form
- Gather ideas, listen, and take notes
- Practice the key sentence structure
Part 2 (Making an outline)
- Understand the essay topic
- Brainstorm
- Write the title and the thesis statement
- Make a guided outline
Part 3 (Drafting)
- Practice writing the key parts of an essay
- Write the 1st draft
- Learn about the essay form
Part 4(Practicing & Producing)
- Revise an essay sample
- Review the key sentence structure
- Revise the draft
- Proofread the essay


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